About Us

Logan's home decor apparel clothing and accessories is an online retail business reinventing the way online shopping is done. We here at Logan's home decor clothing apparel and accessories is selling the best in home decor and clothing and kids toys and pet supply's. This site is not like other sites ? what makes us different is that even tho we are an online business we are just like an brick and mortar store. we have a far amount of products. But a great verity of products. As you will see there will be 7-24 day shipping ? But that is the longest deliver time. And some of these shipments come from overseas but most of it comes from the US. And the things you cant find here ? we have joined a partnership with store's like amazon and lakeside and a few others to make your shopping experience wonderful and easy and simple.  So we welcome you all to this site. Thank you and God bless.

Our Story

Logan's Home Decor Clothing Apparel and Accessories Was founded in 2016 by me Logan Hawk. I always Loved home decor And clothing and i always love helping people since i was a kid. My family and friends and the people in my life has been an inspiration In my life through the years. As well as the love of my life who is my support and my best friend and now my fiance. They taught me how to treat people with respect and to always care about and help people and to honor people as well as to keep your word. And That's what i am bringing to this company. I will make you the customer my first priority. And that's promise for years to come. 


Our Mission

Logan's Home Decor Clothing Apparel and Accessories, Takes great Pleasure in selling the most beautiful home decor and apparel and decorations that will wow the customers and there friends and family by offering country  charm and modern home decor. And the latest fashions in men's clothing and hunting clothing and outdoor wear, Women's clothing and hunting and outdoor wear and jewelry and accessories, And kids clothing and outdoor wear and hunting wear and toys. My business will also specialize in pet accessories products and clothing and pet toys.